What a relief! You can now short sale your home and not feel like a loser. In fact, it's becoming the "cool" thing to do. I recently read an article about how Medicare was costing way more than the government had projected it would cost. The article stated that there were several stages of how these programs work.

First, people who are eligible have to be told about the program. They join and the program might meet close to its projected costs. Then, all the people eligible for the program join. After a little while people who aren't eligible for the program feel like suckers for not getting the free benefits. They jump in. The program starts to cost more than originally projected.

Politicians see the popularity of the program and expand the eligibility. Even more people jump on board. Something similar is happening in short sales and loan modifications. The sucker stage has kicked in. It's now considered a smart financial decision to short sale your house. No one is ashamed of it anymore. I don't think they should be ashamed. After all, the American Taxpayers are the ones who bailed out the banks. We are the ones bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Unfortunately, each of us will pay a bunch of money into those failed entities, whether we want to or not. We might as well get some of our money back.

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