Selling a home is part financial, part logic, and a lot of emotion. Everyone knows that feeling when you walk into the home that’s “the one;” you get that breath taking feeling, the butterflies in the belly and that instant view of your family sitting on that couch in front of the fireplace on a cool fall evening.  Those are all emotional aspects and selling a home is definitely based upon the emotions of the buyer.

When you’re selling a home you have to appeal to the emotions of the potential buyer as well as their financial desires. If your home has absolutely no furniture in it you may find that the potential buyer spends more time on trivial things like chipped paint, spots on the carpet and cracks in the plaster. They notice unmatched patches from where paintings were and the way the carpet is more worn in one area than in others. These trivial things are things that, if there were furniture in the home to distract their attention a bit, they probably wouldn't even notice; but without furniture they stand out quickly.

Of course obvious problems like a huge crack down a wall is going to be noticed with or without furniture; but if you have all of the paintings and decorations hanging on the walls when they’re looking they’re going to see the style and accents of the home instead of the outline of where the paintings were. They won’t be seeing where the walls are faded and thinking ‘this room definitely needs painted’ and adding it to the check list of work they’ll need to do to make this their perfect home. If you have a couch and chair they’re not going to notice where the wearing of the rug may be as it’s pretty rare buyers will pull furniture out to look under and behind it. Those small paint chips at the baseboards from typical wear and tear aren't going to be as noticeable. They’ll be busy seeing how well you fit in an entire dining room set along with a large china cabinet and a small accent table into the dining room, realizing how big it is as opposed to seeing it appear smaller and wondering if it will fit their entire dining set.
To a buyer looking at an empty room they see work that needs to be done on the home and uncared for little things as opposed to when they move into it seeing the house empty for the first time when they’d call these same issues a few simple fixes for the “Honey Do List”.  

A room filled with furniture is much more “homey” and inviting than an empty, voice echoing house. It’s so much easier to find warm feelings and a welcoming atmosphere in a house that feels lived in with furniture and some personal surroundings.  Many people actually rent furniture; staging their home to make it look lived in. Doing this puts more emphasis on the coziness of the home as opposed to the little imperfections. It’s a proven fact that a home will sell faster when it feels inviting and lived in, so it may be worth raiding your family room and doing without a few seats or renting a few rooms of furniture for a month while you have Open Houses and are trying to sell your home. You want the potential buyers to easily picture their family in your home, so making sure your house is staged to look lived in. Give the potential buyers an old fashioned, welcome home feeling the minute they walk in.

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