You should reveal every little thing just to show that your situation is real and that you cannot afford to make your mortgage payment. Use numbers and percentages to explain the loss your of income or negative cash flow. For example, instead of saying, "I'm borrowing money to make the mortgage payments," disclose the dollar amount and source of that debt. A good example would be, "I've borrowed $10,000 against my VISA card to make my payments over the past six months, and I have tapped my cards to the maximum."

You need to paint the worst picture that you honestly can. If your car needs maintenance or repair, if the cat has cancer and your vet bills are increasing, if your kids are starving to death on peanut butter sandwiches, and your fingernails are worn from quick scrubbing other people's floors for pennies a day, then put it into your hardship letter. Use simple words that anyone can understand. The people reading these hardship letters are real people. If they don't feel sorry for you by the time they have finished reading, then maybe you need to re-write it. 

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