Unfortunately, lenders do not always agree to loan modifications. That’s why when you decide to explore this option you need to get all the information you can on the subject. Lenders call the loan modification process "Loss Mitigation," which is the act of lessening the lender's losses whether they approve a loan modification, short sale, or foreclose on the property. The lender's loss mitigation specialist will provide multiple strategies for repaying your loan, depending on the type of loan and delinquency. When you get my advice on how to avoid foreclosure, I can help you decide if a loan modification is the best option for your situation.

If you decide that a loan modification is the best option, then I will give you a copy of my free loan modification guide. you can use the guide to negotiate a payment reduction with your lender. The lender may propose repayment plans that best fit your needs. The loan modification guide explains how to start the loan modification process from start to finish. It also explains how to convince a lender to agree to a loan modification. Please request a free copy today so you can get your mortgage payment reduced and keep your home.

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