Working to convince a bank to approve a short sale is what I do every day. I work with lenders on a daily basis. I understand the importance of starting the process in a way that is likely to succeed with the lender’s loss mitigation department. I am always prepared and I maintain a high level of professionalism during the whole process because I understand how critical it is to get a short sale approved.

The Lender wants a great file. I understand that I only have one opportunity to impress the lender with a professionally prepared file and this is exactly what they will get. This initial step often proves to be determinant on the lender’s decisiveness to approve your file. As much as lenders may not like to acquire properties through foreclosure, they will not just approve any short sale.

When I submit your short sale file for approval, I will come up with a strategy that will have the lender feeling positive about approving the short sale. Remember, your short sale file will be reviewed by a human being just like you and me. Someone that can’t help but understand and feel the problems other people have to face in life. I will help you outline the events that caused you to fall behind on your mortgage so that the loss mitigation representative handling your file will look for ways to give us approval.

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