Photo credit: Hari Berzins, Huffington Post
A new trend has come over the world, sweeping the internet. There's several articles out there that denote people moving into homes of 200 sq ft (or even less). There's even a whole website dedicated to these tiny abode listings

These individuals and families minimize their life, de-cluttering their spaces and ultimately remove the dramatics that have been holding them back. And they urge that you can have the same lifestyle.

Well. That's debatable. I mean, it's true that we could have the same lifestyle. But to each their own. What may make them happy may not make us happy. 

But I get their point. These folks are all about living off the Earth, resorting back to a much more simple time. It's less places to look if you lose something. You don't have to deal with a pesky mortgage. And usually, they can be transported. But what do these people do for a living? Most likely, they don't work in the city. But I could be wrong.

Like them, love them or hate them, it's hard to say if this is a fad or if it'll catch on to something bigger. But is it for everyone? Is it for every family? And even more important, is it right for children? 

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!

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