The Realtors who assist you may never receive a copy of your home's valuation. If we had copies of those valuations, holding the people accountable would be much easier. The banks won't give us the information. And we really don't have the right to it. But you, the home seller, does have a right to it under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Here is what you can do to get your hands on your bank's property valuation.

1. Request a complete itemized payoff from your lender. You do this by faxing them a request. Usually you will get an answer in 7-10 business days.

2. Review the payoff to see where the property valuation is itemized. It will usually be called an "Appraisal" or "BPO." If not, it may be included in some other payoff cost.

3. Since this is part of what you owe on this mortgage, then you have a right to a copy under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Fax the lender's legal department a request for a copy of it.

Send a copy of the payoff and circle the spot where you think the BPO payment is. Request a copy for the borrower under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. In addition, also mail the lender's legal department the same request.

If your lender does not comply, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc.gov, The Office of Thrift Supervision at www.ots.treas.gov, The FDIC at www.FDIC.gov, and the Comptroller of the Currency at www.helpwithmybank.govIndicate on your correspondence with the lender that if they do not comply, you will be filing complaints against them. Once you receive a copy of your home's valuation we can use that date to facilitate the short sale process. 

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