My property is in rough shape and needs work. Can I still do a Short Sale? Signed, Dan

You're in luck, Dan. You can still do a short sale. It's a fact that lenders are more motivated to do a short sale on a property that needs repairs than on a property that doesn’t. Most lenders understand that the risk of loss goes up when they foreclose on a property that needs lots of work. Here is an easy way to get a discount approved for a short sale.

Show your lender that a lot of repair work is needed to bring the property back up to a marketable condition so it can be sold. Lenders are simply not set up to get any repair work done. They are in the loan business, not the repair or handyman business. It really doesn’t matter the type of house or condition, all mortgages can be discounted.

The very best types of properties to perform short sales on are houses that are in rough shape and need repair work because the bank will often allow a bigger discount for it. If you have a property that is in rough shape and needs work, do not leave it to be foreclosed. We are here to help. Just send Ashish a friendly email or contact him through our website or Facebook page.

No matter what the circumstances are when you’re selling your home, you want to get top dollar for it. For the potential owner, it’s like their birthday, Christmas, or Chanukkah. So, why not GIFT WRAP your home for them? As silly as that seems,  that’s exactly what you are doing when you are putting your home up for sale. You are presenting a large gift to the potential owners and one of the first things to attract their attention is the packaging. You want them to take their first look and say, “That’s the one I want” even before they step inside your home.

When you’re sitting at a holiday get together or at a birthday party, the first package that catches your eye is the package that’s wrapped perfectly. The one gift that looks well cared for and beautiful on the outside.  From the condition of the wrapping, you just know that whatever is inside has to be something special if the person took that amount of time in wrapping it so perfectly.

The same goes in the opposite direction also. If someone stops at the last minute and literally just leaves the gift in the bag from the store they bought it from and slaps a bow on it, your first thought isn’t “wow that’s got to be a great gift” but instead, you probably barely glance in that direction.  It could be a great gift, but the presentation says that the gift giver didn’t put a whole lot of time, effort and thought into it so chances are whatever they bought didn’t have a whole lot of thought put in it either.

Your home is much like that birthday gift or special holiday gift. The “wrapping” is the curb appeal. If someone is driving by, and they see this beautifully wrapped home, one with perfect lighting placed in just the right spots, clean driveways and sidewalks, trimmed bushes and freshly painted trim they’re going to take a second look. However, driving by the house that is just sitting in a plain bag with a bow, trim peeling, overgrown, untrimmed bushes and landscape with no appealing lighting on to help them see the entire area is going to cause the potential buyer to literally not even give the house a second look as they drive by.  

The inside of the house could be immaculate and have every amenity imaginable but because it wasn’t “wrapped” in beautiful gift wrap with a sparkling bow and attention grabbing beauty, it will either be passed by or if out of desperation they do look further they’re going to offer a lot less simply based on the shabby packaging.

Curb appeal is the beauty a potential buyer sees from the outside before they ever even begin to approach the inside. It's what makes them say, “We should really take a look at this one!” Make your house be the package that jumps out among the other gifts. Make those potential buyers drive by and say “We have to open that package! Anyone who took the time to make it look so perfect has to have good taste. It can only get better from here!”
That is how important curb appeal is in selling your home.  Make your home shine from the outside in and give them the feeling that with a beautiful bow and perfectly matched paper, this is the gift they want to open!

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