Remember the first time you drove a car? Was it easy? No, it wasn't. The first time we drive we have both hands on the wheel and are looking in every direction. We are focused on the road ahead to make sure we don't have an accident.

After we have been driving for a while we start to relax. "Driving isn't so hard after all", we think to ourselves. After a little practice some people are eating, steering with their knees, and even putting on makeup in the car.

Most of us would agree that driving is actually pretty easy once you have some practice. The same thing applies to short sales. They are very difficult and frustrating when you first start out. However, once you have some experience short sales become easy. "I remember when this happened to me on my last short sale. I did X and it produced Y result", you say to yourself.

So, you do X on this short sale and the short sale succeeds. Pretty soon short sales are just like driving. You know what you are doing and most short sales are easy. You will know what is happening when you hear someone say, "Short sales are impossible. You shouldn't short sale your home because they never get approved." That person probably doesn't have much experience with short sales and are frustrated as a result.

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